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Behind The Curtain: Solar Myths Dispelled, Episode 2: Solar Isn't Free.

So we see this all the time, Advertisements for solar claiming that "Ameren will pay you to go solar" or "go solar at no cost" or even the bold and probably illegal "free solar". In our opinion, these ads do the industry a disservice because when people find out that it's NOT free, they get turned off to the entire idea of maybe going solar and the solar industry becomes just another storm-chasing, door-knocking, decide-today industry. And it shouldn't be.

No Ameren WON'T "pay you" to go solar, but they ARE offering rebates if you do. Most of the ads that are referring to Ameren paying you, are referring to this rebate. I guess technically you could interpret that as them paying you to go solar, but we feel that's a bit misleading and wouldn't advertise that way. But GRID WILL help you jump through the hoops to get you that money.

"Go solar at no cost". Yeah, again, not technically untrue, but VERY misleading. There's ALWAYS an asterisk next to this claim because they're telling you that you don't have to put money down or pay your first bill until 60 days after the system is installed. Customers OFTEN interpret this as "free" because that's how it's worded. So you technically have solar and haven't paid yet at the 60 day mark, but you DO have to start paying after that. Now this is actually a GREAT program where you don't have to pay your first solar bill until AFTER you're already holding your first TINY power bill. NO DOUBLE BILLS. At GRID, we pride ourselves on pricing your system as close to the power bill we're replacing as possible. So if you have a 300 dollar power bill, many times we can get your solar bill down to 300 a month also. So you're paying the same 300 you were before, but now you've increased the value of your home, frozen your power bill at 300, put an end date on that 300 dollar bill because eventually you'll own the system and it will still work, and removed your home from the highly unstable and unreliable grid that is only going to get worse.

And if you see "free solar", I'll just say run, because that's just flat out not true. Call GRID for a free, no obligation solar consultation where we'll explain the entire process and help you get every dime in incentives being offered to you. Call us at 1-833-GRID-LLC or visit our website at GRIDSOLARLLC.COM

to fill out a form for a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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