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Looking for Solar Near
St. Charles, Missouri?

Request a Free Solar Design from
Solar Professional, Ryan Wagner

Ryan Wagner GRID LLC Solar

   Ryan is extremely passionate about bringing solar to the masses, just ask his wife who complains that he'll never shut up about solar if you start talking about it with him.


Ryan entered the solar industry in earnest almost 3 years ago after nearly a decade in social service. He is NABCEP certified and always looking to stay abreast of the industry's ever-changing landscape so that he can truly design the best system for his customers.


Ryan sold real estate back in the day and has a keen knowledge of financing, ROI and cost as well as the technical knowledge about the products and services available to his customers. This knowledge enables him to be able to truly develop financing and solar packages that do the most good for the customer and their bottom line. Ryan understands fully that not everyone is trying to save the world like he is, but he also believes that solar makes sense for nearly everyone because it's a sound investment in the future: monetarily, socially, and with regards to sustainability. 

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