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Behind the Curtain: Solar Misinformation Dispelled, vol 1

At GRID, we are committed to making the process of going solar an overwhelmingly positive experience. To that end, we aim to dispel many of the myths and legends behind BUYING solar with a series called "Behind the curtain: solar misinformation dispelled". The first installment is titled: "Don't finance your own discounts."

One of the most common sales tactics used by large solar companies (we know we worked for them), is to offer you "CASH BACK AT INSTALL" or "NO PAYMENTS FOR 12 MONTHS". All of this money that they give back to you is 100% financed in the loan they're offering you. Now, to be fair, if you'd like a low interest loan returned back to you after install to pay off high interest debt, this isn't the worst thing you could do (and GRID can definitely help you with that also). If you're just going to take that money and pay off principal on the loan when you get it, you'd have been better off just NOT financing that money in the first place.

The big companies offer this money as a "same day decision bonus" or whatever. It's so they can pressure you to decide today or else you won't get all this money after install. Well, now that you know you're financing that money yourself anyway, you might as well ask them to negotiate that money taken off the top, see what they say (hint: they'll tell you they can't do that).

Solution: Sit down with honest solar professionals (from GRID) whose goals are to:

1. Help you save money

2. Help you gain energy independence

3. Help you understand solar

4. Help you determine if solar will benefit you or not.

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