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2000W Zendure SuperBase Pro Power Station

Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 Portable Power Station with 2096Wh Capacity, 2000W AC Outlets, 14 Output Ports (Black, US plug), 100-120V


Dual MPPT 2400W Max:Rooftop solar panel 1800w AC +600w solar panel DC to XT60 input at the same time,Recharge to 80% in ONE hour;1.5 hours for a full charge.

Solar panel with AC outlet Handle solar arrays of any size up to 1,800W*. Our patented PV Max tech means your solar setup can charge SuperBase Pro with the same superfast performance you'd get from conventional charging. That's one hour for an 80% charge, and 2 hours for a full charge.


2,000W AC Output, Ampup to 3000W
At home, SuperBase Pro has you covered. With 2,000W of AC output and 3,000W Ampup* capability, you can power your microwave, washing machine, coffee maker, or other essentials around the house, worry-free.


Equipped With UPS
An unexpected blackout can be a huge headache. If you're working on your computer, you could lose important progress. Even worse, a sudden power interruption can actually damage sensitive electrical equipment.

That's why SuperBase Pro has household grade Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS*) functionality built right in. And it's super easy to use. Just connect SuperBase Pro 2000 to a power outlet, connect your essential devices to SuperBase Pro 2000, and you're done. If the power goes out, SuperBase Pro will switch over to battery power automatically.


It's Built to Move
With industrial-grade wheels, a telescopic aluminum handle, and a low center of gravity, SuperBase Pro is designed with "anytime, anywhere" in mind. And as you're rolling it across the terrain, you'll find that it's sturdy enough to stack another item on top if you need to.

2000W Zendure SuperBase Pro Power Station

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