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The social contagion of solar packs a lot of power

People with lots of neighbors who have solar panels are more likely to have solar panels themselves

"The strongest predictor of whether a house will have solar panels is the density of solar panels on neighboring properties, according to a new study.

The findings suggest that “seeding” solar panels on a few houses in neighborhoods where they are sparse could help residential solar spread faster to more homes.

Researchers want to understand what drives individual climate-related choices, such as the decision to put solar panels on one’s house. This will help design the most efficient programs to promote the spread of climate-friendly behaviors.

Past studies have shown that solar panels tend to be clustered in certain neighborhoods rather than evenly distributed through a city. But are people inspired to install solar panels because they see them on nearby homes, because they hear about them from people in their network, or because they tend to do the same thing as other people with the same demographic or educational background?" *Read More*

By Sarah DeWeerdt -Anthropocene


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